NXP Cafe Muzak 40th Anniversary Edition

Cafe Muzak: 40th Anniversary Edition

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Reissue of cult cassette Cafe Muzak by NXP aka Nekro XP aka Tore Dolg Stemland. Originally released on his own label, Requiem Productions, this is one of the earliest noise releases of the underground tape scene in Norway.

Made up of sounds and collages of sounds, and with a total disregard for rhythm and traditonal song structures, this album broke boundaries and showed no respect for the written or unwritten rules of what is considered music, To some people it will sound beautiful and strong, to others it will be incomprehensible garbage. But noise music has gained a foothold in Norway. Whether it started with Cafe Muzak or other releases remains food for nerds in heated discussions over the sounds of cement mixers and compressed air drills.

Cafe Muzak was originally made as a backing tape for a concert by Psykisk Tortur, but the other half of the duo didn't think it fit in, so it was processed further and ended up as what you can hear on this album.

Sampled, edited and de(con)structed on a Tandberg Series 8 reel-to-reel tape recorder by NXP aka Nekro XP aka Tore Dolg Stemland. All noises are intentional.

Originally released as a cassette limited to 20 hand-numbered copies by Requiem Productions (XP 1) in April 1984. Artwork by NXP. All track titles listed on the original cover were fake and meant to confuse the listener.

40th Anniversary Edition:

Tape transferred by Lars Nicolaysen.

Remastered by Lasse Marhaug.

Direct metal mastering by Mischa van der Heiden at 24Mastering.

Pressed by Sigve Håland at T-Time Vinyl Plant.

Layout by Lasse Marhaug.

Sleeves screen printed by Kjetil Brandsdal at Drid Machine.

Executive producer: Petter Flaten Eilertsen.

This release was partially crowdfunded via Bidra.no. Thanks to those who supported the project. NXP thanks: Lars, Lasse and Petter. My family for supporting me; Nora, Nikki, Jesse & Linn. Everyone who bought this record – and the cassette back in the days.


Side A: Cafe Muzak (25:02)
Side B: Cafe Muzak (24:56)