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Breaking out or breaking through? The first is a major theme on Embla and the Karidotters’ debut album and the second is what they are about to do. The record, aptly titled Hello, I’m Embla is a mission statement for the former Razika drummer gone country: “Here I am and this is what I am all about.” The Dolly Parton-referencing album title might come across as cocky but is more about Karidotter having found her voice and confidence.

2021 started with the release of Embla and the Karidotters’ first EP and was followed by Embla abandoning her hometown of Bergen in favor of life on the road. She packed her dog, guitar, pen & pad into an RV, and traveled the country along with her boyfriend.

The EP Howling was praised in Karidotters’ home country of Norway and gained attention internationally.

Hello, I’m Embla was written on the road, and thematically revolves around searching for belonging, identity, love and self-worth. Inspired by Charlie Rich, Midland, The Chicks and the aforementioned queen Dolly Parton, the album shows a significant development from the first EP. Where Howling was more noir and cinematic, the new full-length is rowdier, more fun and grounded in the honky tonk tradition. Superstar producer Matias Tellez (girl in red) has brought out the best in the musicians, and it really shines through that the band were having a blast in the studio.

After being the drummer for Norwegian indie legends Razika for more than a decade, Embla assembled her band the Karidotters to pursue her lifelong passion for country. Reading as an all-star cast from Norway’s music scene, they are: Marie Moe on bass (Razika, Slomosa), Tor-Arne Vikingstad on guitar (Sløtface), Simen Følstad Nilsen on lap steel (Aiming for Enrike) and Nils Jørgen Nilsen on drums (Honningbarna, The Needs).

Hello, I’m Embla will be released on Die With Your Boots On Records on August 26th, 2022.


1. Wolf Totem
2. Home
3. Sunday Kind of Love
4. Why Fall Asleep, When You Can Fall in Love?
5. Wild Hearts
6. Moonshine
7. You Don’t Deserve Me
8. You Were Wrong